Package Consolidation Services

Save more on your shipping cost with our package consolidation services, where we will combine multiple products in one package to deliver through a single shipment, thus resulting in a streamlined process and affordable solution. Package tracking is also very easy when you choose to consolidate multiple products in one package.

Lower Shipping Rates

Shop from different brands and get all the products consolidated in a single package to save more on your international shipping with our partners like DHL and FedEx. Our consolidation services can help save up to 85% lower international shipping rates.


Hassle-Free Tracking

Don’t want to take the hassle of keeping multiple apps or tabs open on your mobile just to keep track of your orders? Make it easier with package consolidation services. Your package will have a single AWB number, thus making tracking smooth like a breeze.


Fast Delivery

Why wait for weeks for your international shipment delivered to your place when you can get it faster with a single step; Consolidation? Simply get your products consolidated in a single package to get faster approvals from customs and save time on the overall shipping.

FAQ About Our Consolidation Services

Order consolidation is a way to save on international shipping costs and time. The service involves including different products in a single box for shipment. For example, if you have ordered something from Amazon and a few products from Walmart, you don’t have to relieve them in their original packing as this will increase your customs duty. We will create a single packing for different products and then ship to your international address. Consolidation helps reduce shopping costs along with minimizing package waste.

No, Global Shippers Rwanda aims to make online shopping affordable so we do not add additional charges for our consolidation services. You can inform our team about your requirements so that we can ensure the consolidation of your products before shipping them to your home country.

Yes, in fact consolidating multiple products in a single package can help save a big chunk of your international shipping costs, which can be anywhere around 80% of it. So, it’s a good choice to consolidate your products before it is delivered to your home country. Make sure to inform us in advance to avoid any hassle later.

Buying products online from different platforms and receiving them in another country can be a costly decision as there are various types of taxes and customs fees involved. Global Shippers Rwanda can help combine your purchases into a single package, thus helping save a lot of your hard-earned money on international shipping. The process is very easy: • Create an account with Global Shippers Rwanda • Get your local address in the USA, China, India, Turkey, Japan, Germany, or Rwanda. • The products are received at our warehouse. • Our team will consolidate all the items in a single shipment. • You receive the order in a single package.