Enjoy Hassel shopping with Global Shippers Rwanda

Global Shippers Rwanda takes pride in being the most trusted company among global consumers looking for a simple and efficient way to shop online globally and get their products delivered to their home countries.

Internation Mail Forwarding Services

Our Services

Tax-Free Shopping

Global Shippers Rwanda partners with global online and offline retailers, guiding consumers through the shopping journey.

package consolidation

Warehouse & Storage

When your order is delivered to your local address in the USA, China, India, Turkey, Japan, Germany, and Rwanda, we pick it up and store it in our warehouse.

package consolidation

Consolidation & Shipping

We consolidate multiple products in a single package to save money and also ship it through DHL or FedEx to your home country.

Why Choose Us As Your Shopping Partner?

Get ready for the next shopping season and save more with Global Shippers Rwanda’s endless benefits:

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Personalized care

Get a personalized shopping experience with Global Shippers Rwanda as you get a local address in selected countries and receive the order in your home country.

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Tax-free shopping

Save up to 80% on shopping with our sales tax-free shopping facility for global consumers. Shop from anywhere in the world and don’t worry about taxes.

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International shipping

Want to buy something that’s exclusively available in another country? Place your order and we’ll deliver it to your home address faster than anyone else.

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Order multiple products and get them shipped in a single package to save time and money with our package consolidation services.

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Hassle-free storage

As your trusted shopping partner, we also offer the option to store packages at our warehouse for a limited time.

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Shop from top brands

Place your order from the top global brands Amazon, Walmart, Gap, John Lewis, Boots, ASOS, and more online with delivery to your doorstep.

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Shop exclusive products

Don’t keep telling your friends to buy something for you in their country. Simply get online and shop globally without worrying about taxes or delivery issues.

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Secure packing

Every package that we receive is hand-picked and packaged by our team of highly skilled professionals to ensure the safety of your products during the shipment.

Cost-effective shipping options

Our efficient shipping process and comprehensive online account management simplify your experience, ensuring you receive great deals on your favorite products, no matter your location.

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Our Commitment

Global Shippers Rwanda is committed to serving global consumers with the best shopping experience without the hassle and shopping sales tax involved.

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Our Mission

Global Shippers Rwanda is on a mission to help enhance the overall shopping experience and drive retailer performance. For years, we’ve been empowering international shoppers worldwide with sales tax-free shopping experience.

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Our Vision

To be the best name among the top-rated global shopping and shipping partners for service, innovation, and technology leadership. Our team is committed to helping global shippers with an online shopping experience that’s unlike others.